Manufactoring is a demanding industry, some plants run 24/7, others have hundreds of employees. This is when communication becomes a huge asset.  Communication helps everyone stay productive, safe, and connected. It is nearly impossible to manage a workplace/workforce that large without some form of communication. A conventional two-way radio solution requires a huge upfront equipment cost for repeaters, cables, and antenna boosters. While we can do that, we recommend trying our cost effective solution that has helped provide the same experience for our customers at a more affordable cost.

Our Solution

Our solution involves using your existing infrastructure to provide adequate coverage throughout your building. That infrastructure is the Wi-Fi network you use everyday to send emails, run machine diagnostics, and scan items for shipping. This solution is extremely versatile and uses a secure private server that can manage all functions over the internet. This includes adding new groups, changing I.D's, and monitoring users. Our radios are extremely well built with long lasting batteries and are IP-66 rated to withstand any accidental damages. This radio is clear, loud, and versatile to meet your needs. The FRx6i is the best radio to overcome these challenges and communicate effectively with your workforce. If you're looking to increase your productivity, workplace safety, and efficiency then be sure to contact us and get started with a free demo today!

*All Fleet Radio products come equipped with Nationwide Coverage, GPS Tracking, and a 2-year Warranty. Wi-Fi only plans are discounted and tailormade to accomadate customers budgets.*

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