Manufacturing is a demanding and continuously growing industry.


Most plants run 24/7, have hundreds of employees, and can get extremely chaotic without an organizational system in place.


This is when communication becomes a huge asset. 


Communication helps everyone stay on task, overcome the unexpected accidents, and manage a massive operation with ease.

Our Solution.

Our solution is simple and effective. 

We set-up our devices to work through existing wi-fi infrastructure to give complete indoor coverage for even the largest of facilities. 

After handing out radios we give customers access to our complete platform for customizing various user abilities, group management, and other features. 

Use the Fleet Radio app to monitor, communicate, and track your devices! Recommended for supervisors. 

The App.

Using the Fleet Radio app is a great way to keep a tab on your operations, with location tracking, easy private calling, group management, and even messaging. 

Simply login, and get access to enhanced features at the touch of your finger.

We are happy to offer our customers multiple ways to connect and provide tools to help make their jobs easier!

The Radio.

The Hytera PNC-370 is slim, compact, and durable. It's equipped with an informative display and a long lasting battery. 

This easy to carry radio is loved due to it's small size, clear audio, and ease of use. 

It has been effective at coordination, overcoming daily obstacles, and improving team-work.

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