Our farmers are faced with difficult challenges every-day.


They have to feed a fast growing population, manage thousands of acres of land, and deal with new regulations every year. 

Farmers need to coordinate their operation effectively.

Our Solution

Our Solution.

To address these challenges, we combined the cellular network with traditional two-way communication. 

Our system allows instant group communication with unlimited range.


This provides our hardworking farmers an important tool to manage everyday farming activities.  

The Radio.

This is our handheld radio that has made hundreds of farmers everyday lives easier.

The FRx6i is simply a ultra-rugged, simple to use, long-lasting two-way radio capable of communicating across the nation. 

Our handheld radio has been proven to withstand every working environment and is waterproof as well as dust-proof. 

Using this Radio enables a surreal experience that is effective in the field and help users get work done.


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