Industry Challenges

 All businesses need a way to keep in touch with their employees quickly and easily. In the recent past it has been hard to accommodate farmers communication needs due to the widespread coverage that most require. Many businesses in the field today rely on cellphones to communicate due to the lack of coverage traditional radios provide. No business should rely on finding a contact, dialing, hoping for an answer and staying on a call just to communicate with the same people day in and day out. Push-To-Talk is an incredibly effective and resourceful tool that farmers need to get work done. We've addressed that problem and are proud to offer a solution that can help out the backbone of America.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we combined the coverage of cellphones with the convenience of two-way radios to provide businesses a complete communications solution. Start saving time from the process of making a call, simply push-to-talk to instantly communicate with your workforce through our secure private server. Our rugged 4G LTE FRx6i Portable Radio is designed to withstand everyday use in extreme working conditions. Let FLEETRADIO help your business communicate better than ever before.

*All Fleet Radio products come equipped with Nationwide Coverage, GPS Tracking, and a 2-year Warranty. 


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