The need for communications is critical in an industry like private security. 

Officer safety, dispatching, and coordination is vital for business operations. 

Traditional two-way radios don't provide adequate coverage for growing businesses, and cell-phones aren't effective nor professional.

Our Solution.

One system that uses professional radios to communicate over the cellular network. 

Instant group communication, Infinite coverage, and more user features.

Intergrating our effective Dispatch Software allows organization, quick-response time, and upgrades your business to a professional level overnight.



Easily monitor, track, and communicate directly to your workforce from your office. 

Be able to respond instantly if there is a emergency needing immediate attention. 

Our software updates locations every 30 seconds, stores audio files, sets geo-fences, scans, all-calls, and gives you a real dispatching to help your everyday business operations go smoothly.

The Radio.

This is a professional two-way radio that gets work done. 

The FRx6i is simply a ultra-rugged, simple to use, long-lasting two-way radio capable of communicating across the country. 

Our handheld radio has been proven to withstand every working environment and is waterproof as well as dust-proof. 

Using this Radio enables a surreal experience that is effective in the field and helps businesses get work done!

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