Security companies aren't government funded and can't afford a massive two-way radio system spanning their area. Their jobs are to keep an area safe, provide an authoritative presence, and be ready for any situation that might arise. Whether you are at a residental, commerical, or campus facility effective communication is needed to get the job done. Officer's and guards alike run into unexpected situations quite frequently and need reliable effective communications to resolve the situation. Cell phones are not an effective solution for this line of work and regular radios won't provide the coverage you need to operate efficiently. 


We combine the abilities from both radios and phones alike to allow a two-way radio with nationwide coverage. Using the vast cellular network provides instant secure communications on a private server. Dispatch to your team with our PC software to track locations, communicate from your computer to radios, and manage user functions remotely. Our portable radios come with a long lasting battery,  clear audio, and 16 programmable channels.  This solution allows your business to perform at the same high level as police departments at a very affordable price. Equip your workforce with our reliable radios to ensure their safety, efficiency, and confidence on the job.

*All Fleet Radio products come equipped with Nationwide Coverage, GPS Tracking, and a 2-Year Warranty*

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