Industry Challenges

Being in the construction industry comes with its challenges. Worker safety combined with regulations and a high turnover rate make it difficult to get things accomplished. Cell phone usage in all industries has risen and keeps workers distracted making it more likely for an accident to happen. That is why Two-Way Communications is an absolute necessity on the job site so your workers can get the job done properly and safely. With our Nationwide coverage and reliable IP-66 rated portable radio you can communicate with your team from any distance without any interruptions or complications.

Our Solution

To address these challenges we offer a simple, rugged, easy to use radio for your communication needs. The FRx6i was specifically designed for rough working conditions, loud environments, and group communications. This radio is capable of holding 16 different talk groups to reduce unnecessary traffic between different workers and allows everyone to talk freely without restraints. It comes equipped with an audio playback button which will play back the last transmission when needed along with a completely sealed body built for extreme conditions. Our company provides customers with their own server management seat which allows over the air programming to make changes in permissions, I.D's, and group features within seconds. We are so confident in this radio we offer a two-year warranty on every device you'll have in the field. This is a must-have for all construction companies who want to be safe, productive, and connected.

*All Fleet Radio products come equipped with Nationwide Coverage, GPS Tracking, and a 2-Year Warranty*

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