Schools have a strong need to communicate. Whether its with bus drivers, the front office, or custodians eliminating the need to pick up the phone is a time saver and helps everyone stay informed at the push of a button. Communication is also needed for emergencies that require immediate attention. FLEETRADIO devices are versatile, lightweight, and perfect to help any size school overcome these challenges. We are proud to offer a solution that helps the staff be more productive, safe, and connected.

Our Solution

Our solution is simple and effective. We utilize a school's strong Wi-Fi connection to allow for seamless communication in and around campus through our devices. Our easy to use radios will switch from Wi-Fi to 4G LTE when the signal becomes weak allowing communication for any events such as field trips. The Hytera PNC-370 is slim, light, and durable. It has a beautiful display and a long lasting battery. We recommend this model radio due to its small size and informative display which will tell you the signal strength for both Wi-Fi and LTE connections. We are proud to offer this affordable solution to help out the hardworking individuals within the Educational Field!

*All Fleet Radio products come equipped with Nationwide Coverage, GPS Tracking, and a 2-Year Warranty*

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