Schools and universities both have strong needs for a reliable radio system.


Communication is extremely vital for coordinating school safety, field trips, grounds keeping, bus routes, mandatory drills, and everyday events. 

Our Solution.

Our solution is simple and effective. We utilize a school's strong Wi-Fi connection to allow for seamless communication in and around campus through our devices. Our easy to use radios will switch from Wi-Fi to 4G-LTE for buses and any events such as field trips.

The Radio.

The Hytera PNC-370 is slim, compact, and durable. It's equipped with an informative display and a long lasting battery. 

This easy to carry radio is loved by teachers, adminstrators, and custodians due to it's small size, clear audio, and ease of use. 

It has been effective at coordination, overcoming daily obstacles, and giving a sense of security.

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