How It Works.

We provide communication services through multiple sources with the primary being the cellular network, giving customers access to coverage far beyond previously thought.

We have also integrated modern-day technology into our radios to offer our customers more than just communication. With us, you can easily track, talk, and manage our radios conveniently from your cellphone or computer.  

Already have an existing radio system? Fleet Radio can take your two-way radio traffic and repeat it through our server to allow communication with our cellular powered radios.

High Quality Products.

Equipped with 4G-LTE technology and optional Wi-Fi solutions, our products provide users the ultimate communication experience.

Ranging from IP-54 to IP-66 our products have the quality to withstand a range of different working environments.

To reflect our confidence, we back all of our products with a free 2-year warranty. 

Integrated Technology.

In addition to providing Nationwide Coverage, we have integrated common modern technology with our products. 

To provide more solutions and give customers a better bang for their buck you can use your smart phone or computer to connect with your team!

We are more than just a communications company!

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