How to Check your Cellular Network Coverage

A question we get asked a lot is which carrier will give me the best coverage? We offer Fleet Radio customers the choice between AT&T or T-Mobile coverage to power their business communication. This is how we determine which one between the two will be a better solution for their business.

Statistical Comparison

AT&T and T-Mobile are both part of the big 4 cellular networks, along with Verizon and Sprint.

AT&T covers an astounding 98.1% of North Carolina. Their coverage is far widespread and available even in the rural, hilly, parts of the state.

T-Mobile covers nearly 84% of North Carolina. Their coverage is dominate with blazing fast speed in densely populated cities like Raleigh and Charlotte but lack coverage in rural areas and along the coast.

*Based on Coverage Maps*

How you can check your areas coverage.

Click on the following links and input your zip code or home address.

The Bottom Line

Fleet Radio's products are the best cellular powered radios for business communications. Not only are our customers getting high quality products and services but they are able to communicate instantly without any coverage restraints, hidden fees, or long term contracts.

If you still aren't convinced that Fleet Radio is the best solution for business communication.

Click this link and get a free demo to see for yourself!


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