The Frx6i is a professional handheld two-way radio. This high-quality device is integrated with cutting edge technology focused on providing innovative business solutions. The Frx6i keeps your team connected nationwide using cellular-powered communications. Manufactored with durable materials and designed for optimal performance the Frx6i is an effective tool to improve general business operations across a multitude of industries.


  • Tech Specs

    • 4G LTE
    • Wi-Fi Compatiable
    • IP-66
    • 4,000 mAh Battery
    • m-11 Connector
    • 2W Speaker
  • Features

    • Private / Group Call
    • GPS Trackable
    • Water + Dust Proof
    • Crystal Clear Audio
    • SOS Emergency Button
    • Instant Communications
  • Warranty

    All Fleet Radio products come with a 6 month warranty.

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