Q: How do I place an order? 


A: You can place an order on this website by submitting an order form available on the bottom of the product listing page. You can also call or email us to get recommendations or ask any questions you might have before purchasing.

Q: How can I check the status of my order?


A: Once your order is confirmed you will get a notification sent to either the # you provided or have it sent to your email. Tracking numbers will be sent once they are in the system so you can forecast when your shipment will arrive.


Q: I want a discounted subscription, how do I sign up for auto-pay? 

A: Auto-Pay will be offered post-purchase. You can enter your information through this secure website or fill it out on the form sent with your first package.  Auto-Pay can be cancelled at anytime.

Q: I missed a payment what do I do?

A: If you happen to miss a payment and need service for your devices immediately you will have to pay a late fee on top of the balance owed on the missed payment.  To prevent this we offer autopay and we will send a notification 3 days in advance to your provided email or number to remind you to refill your subscription. 


Q: Is my device under warranty?

A: Warranties vary by device, you can check the products page to see how long each devices warranty last. Warranties do not cover accidental physical damage and will be void if the product is tampered with. 

Q: I think my radio is broken, what do I do?

A: Give us a call and explain the problem. Most problems are user errors and can easily be solved over the phone. If it can't be fixed over the phone we will have you send it in. From that point we will either repair/ or replace the radio and send it back to you.


Q: Can I change my group name and radio I.Ds?

A: Our unique server platform allows groups and I.Ds to be modified remotely at any given time.  Call us and provide the I.D (s) you want changed. Only one customization change will be granted a month.


Q: Can I customize it myself? 

A: Large companies with 20+ devices will be allowed access to their platform and can manage it independently or with our assistance. A free 30 minute training session will be mandatory before access is granted, this is to prevent any mistakes that can compromise functionality.

Still got a question? 


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