The goal of any Agriculture business is to maximize production and facilitate costs. Challenges: Spread out, Multiple operations, Changing environment, Long Days.

Our Solution

PNC-370 Long lasting battery, Nationwide 4G LTE coverage, Cost effective, 3-year warranty, Loud audio.

The Radio

The PNC370 is a compact, easy-to-operate, 4G LTE handheld radio. This innovative two-way radio is the ideal solution platform for a wide range of broadband applications, such as optimizing operating sequences, and gives all the advantages of professional mobile radio (PMR) with greater radio coverage and better audio quality.

• Nationwide Coverage
• Group / Private Calling
• Wi-Fi Pairing
• IP-55
• 3,100 mAh Battery
• HD Display
• 18- Hour Battery Life

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The App

Using the Fleet Radio app is a great way to keep a tab on your operations, with location tracking, easy private calling, group management, and even messaging.

Simply login, and get access to features other companies can't come close to!

We are happy to offer our customers multiple ways to connect and provide tools to help make their jobs easier!

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