Efficient, high-compatibility, safe and reliable solution to keep smooth communications.With continuous expansion of city and rapid increase of urban population, traffic congestion becomes even more serious. Seven days a week, transportation system takes passengers to widely scattered stations along crisscross lines in safely and punctually. With in-depth understanding of customers' challenges, Hytera aims to build a professional transportation solution, which is capable of keeping smooth communications in any situation.

Our Solution

Hytera transportation solutions take various aspects of transportation scenarios into consideration. Our goal is to bring the customers reliable connection, GPS location services, secure communications, and improved audio.

The Radio

The Hytera MNC580 Push-to-Talk over Cellular LTE Mobile Radios are professional-grade communications devices that provide safe in-vehicle communications.

• Private / Group Call
• GPS Positioning
• Port Interfaces
• High-Quality Audio
• SOS Emergency Button
• Nationwide Coverage
• 8 GB ROM
• LTE Frequency Bands

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The App

Using the Fleet Radio app is a great way to keep a tab on your operations, with location tracking, easy private calling, group management, and even messaging.

Simply login, and get access to features other companies can't come close to!

We are happy to offer our customers multiple ways to connect and provide tools to help make their jobs easier!

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